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Celebrating Artistry: Newtownabbey's Deaf Crafts Exquisite Woodturning Gifts Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland – Christmas 2023

In the heart of Newtownabbey, a talented artist is redefining craftsmanship. Ed McAuley, a Deaf woodturner, unveils his breathtaking collection of handcrafted wood turned gifts, showcasing an exceptional blend of skill and passion.

Ed has been profoundly Deaf since 6 months old after contracting meningitis.  Ed went to a school for Deaf children and uses sign language to communicate. Eds’ artistry speaks volumes through his meticulously crafted wood pieces. From elegantly carved bowls to intricately designed clocks and ornaments, each creation is a testament to his dedication and artistic flair.

"Through my hands, I connect with the wood, shaping it into something beautiful," expresses Ed, using sign language to communicate. "My Deafness doesn't limit my creativity; it fuels it."

Ed's creations, renowned for their exquisite detailing and unique designs, have garnered attention from locals and art enthusiasts alike. His commitment to perfection and innovation has made his workshop a hub of artistic inspiration in Newtownabbey.

AdaptNI, a specialist employment support organisation, has supported Ed's journey, enabling him to market and grow his passion for woodturning and establishing his presence in the local artisanal community with a referral to the Local GoForIt NI Programme.

With every purchase, customers not only acquire a piece of art but also support Eds entrepreneurial endeavour and the social enterprise landscape in Northern Ireland.

For a firsthand experience of  Ed's extraordinary craftsmanship, explore his collection online at HOME - Ed's Woodturning and Crafts (

Experience the beauty of bespoke woodturning, crafted by a visionary artisan whose artistry transcends boundaries.


About Ed McAuley: Ed is a Deaf woodturner based in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, renowned for his exceptional woodturning craftsmanship. His work reflects a unique blend of talent, dedication, and innovation, captivating art enthusiasts and patrons alike.

About AdaptNI: AdaptNI is a specialist employment support organisation in Northern Ireland, committed to empowering individuals with diverse abilities to achieve their career aspirations and entrepreneurial goals. 


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