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Our Story

Adapt NI is a non-profit organisation. Our main focus is providing specialist employment & training services for Deaf, hearing loss and tinnitus communities across Northern Ireland. 

The AdaptNI team are Deaf, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Aware, with in-depth experience supporting our Northern Ireland communities.  AdaptNI are dedicated to ensuring real change not only happens, but is maintained throughout a career journey. The sky is the limit, we are prepared to Adapt Northern Ireland to ensure the barriers are removed


For the Deaf, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Communities in Northern Ireland to have full and equal access to all employment and training opportunities throughout their career journey


We aim to bridge the gap, by providing Specialist Employment and Training support to people who are Deaf, have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus within Northern Ireland


  1. We are inclusive to everyone​.

  2. We are positive about the change we can make to peoples lives​.

  3. We are accessible to everyone.

  4. We are friendly and approachable to all​.

  5. We challenge ourselves and others.

For more information on the AdaptNI team, keep reading and watching and of course you can follow us on Facebook & Instagram....!

Meet the Team


Laura Murphy-Sloan

I have worked within the Deaf, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Communities for 12 years. I am committed to continuing specialist employment support throughout Northern Ireland and have seen the difference it makes for clients and their employers to have Deaf awareness, ATW and Reasonable Adjustments as part of the employment. I am a qualified Electronic Note taker and BSL Level 2. My personal mission is to support people on their career journey, to ensure the ladder can be climbed and the support is there to help at each step.


Alex Leslie

I have worked for approximately 24 years in the third sector with the Deaf, Hearing Loss & tinnitus Communities.  I have a wealth of experience in providing Specialist Employment Support & enjoy working with clients.  In addition I have worked with various funding Bodies including Big Lottery, SEUPB and ESF and have an extensive knowledge of funding requirements and of working with the Education Training Inspectorate.  I am deaf aware, BSL Level 2 and also have achieved qualifications in Advice & Guidance, Motivational Interviewing, Education & Training, and Management.

Need our Support?

Hi there.


My name is Liza and I have recently arrived in this wonderful city from South Africa. I am very excited to have joined AdaptNI as a part time employment adviser. I come from a nursing and training background, and love working with people. This role is new to me-and is opening up a whole new world as I become more familiar with deaf culture and learning new ways of  communicating. I am presently taking BSL classes which are a highlight of my week.


 I look forward to assisting you in your journey into work. See you soon!

Contact Details 

07907019564 - Call/Text/whatsapp/video call

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