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AdaptNI and AC Hotel by Marriott Belfast Celebrate International Day of Sign Languages

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

AdaptNI and AC Hotel by Marriott Belfast, Celebrate International Day of Sign Languages with Innovative Communication Training for Staff

Belfast, Northern Ireland – AdaptNI and AC Hotel by Marriott Belfast, a leading Northern Ireland hotel, proudly commemorated International Day of Sign Languages by investing in innovative communication training for its three Deaf staff members. This initiative aims to promote inclusivity, diversity, and accessible customer service within the hotel industry.

Image shows Ukrainian and International Sign Language

International Day of Sign Languages, observed annually on September 23rd, recognises the importance of sign languages in the lives of Deaf individuals and their communities. This year, AC Hotel by Marriott Belfast proactively took meaningful steps towards fostering an inclusive work environment and enhancing communication with their Deaf staff.

The inclusive and role specific training program, in collaboration with AdaptNI, as part of their WorkableNI and SkillSET Projects, focused on equipping staff with the necessary skills to understand, aid communication with colleagues and provide exceptional service to all guests, including those who use sign language as their primary means of communication. Through this training, AC Hotel by Marriott Belfast aims to break down communication barriers and ensure that Deaf colleagues feel included, and every guest's experience is memorable and comfortable.

Hayley Loughrey (Human Resource Manager), “The partnership between Adapt NI and the hotel has been incredibly beneficial. The sign language training session on 22nd September in recognition of International Day of Sign Languages was well received by the team and allowed an opportunity to better understand how to communicate with our Deaf colleagues. We hope to offer these sessions more regularly to support and improve overall communications and aid inclusion. Our aim is to ensure we provide an inclusive environment for all at the AC Hotel by Marriot Belfast, and the support from Laura at Adapt NI and the workable/SkillSET programme ensures we have the tools and support in place to do this. We can't thank Laura enough for her time and support and look forward to continuing and building upon our partnership.”

The training program covered a range of topics, including basic sign language, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication strategies. It also included interactive sessions where all staff members can practice their sign language skills, with input from staff who use Ukranian, Moroccan, South African and International Sign Language.

AC Marriott Hotel by Marrott Belfast recognises the value of a diverse workforce and is committed to providing equal opportunities for all. This initiative aligns with their broader social goals and reflects their dedication to creating a more inclusive and accessible environment for both employees and guests.

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