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AdaptNI's National Lottery Community funded Project NI Adapt Empowers 14 Individuals

AdaptNI's National Lottery Community funded Project NI Adapt Empowers 14 Individuals with Career Development and Accredited Training

Northern Ireland-based, AdaptNI, has successfully completed a transformative project that provided crucial support to 14 individuals in their pursuit of career development. Through a comprehensive program encompassing CV building, interview practice, and accredited training, AdaptNI has empowered participants to build a brighter future.

AdaptNI, with its expertise in specialist employment support, recognises the significance of equipping individuals with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the competitive job market. This project underscores their commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of people who are Deaf, have hearing loss or Tinnitus, across Northern Ireland.

Key Highlights of the Project:

Support for All: This project bridged the gap for people who dont qualify for current services, people who were both employed and unemployed benefited from specialist support.

CV Building: AdaptNI's expert team worked closely with each participant to craft tailoured CVs that highlighted their strengths, experiences, and aspirations. The goal was to ensure that each CV showcased the unique qualities of the individual.

Interview Practice: The project included rigorous interview practice sessions designed to boost participants' confidence and enhance their interview skills. Mock interviews were conducted, providing valuable feedback and guidance for improvement. Support was provided to ensure reasonable adjustments and communication support was in place for interviews.

Accredited Training: Recognising the importance of continuous learning, AdaptNI facilitated two accredited training programs tailoured to the participants' career goals. These courses not only enhanced their qualifications but also expanded their employment opportunities. The team even had a VIP visit at the final accredited training course, Chris Heaton Harris attended and was taught how to fingerspell his name in BSL (British Sign Language). 13 qualifications were achieved during the duration of the NI Adapt Programme, the equivalent of a GCSE. (Customer Service and Health & Safety at Work - Level 2)

Commenting on the project's success, Alex Leslie, AdaptNI Director, said, "Our mission at AdaptNI is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can flourish professionally. We are thrilled with the progress made by the participants in this project. Witnessing their growth and newfound confidence is immensely gratifying, encouraging the team to keep going and to work towards further projects."

The 14 participants in this project, who come from diverse backgrounds and have varying career aspirations, have expressed their gratitude for the invaluable support received from AdaptNI. Six have already secured new employment opportunities, while others have embarked on further education and training to advance their careers.

This project serves as a shining example of AdaptNI and The Lottery Community Funds' dedication to providing employment support and fostering positive change in the Northern Ireland community. As a social enterprise committed to making a real impact, AdaptNI continues to be at the forefront of empowering individuals to achieve their professional goals.

For media inquiries and more information about AdaptNI and its projects, please contact:

Laura Murphy-Sloan,

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