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SkillSETs' Laura Lyttle Shares Information On New Employment Project

Hello, my name is Laura Lyttle. (BSL and ISL translation below)

I am an Employment Advisor for AdaptNI CIC. What is AdaptNI? AdaptNI is a non-profit organisation as part of Skillset project. Skillset is a disability employment support group comprised of Action Mental Health, Cedar Foundation, Orchardville, Now Group, RNIB and AdaptNI. We as a group secured £12m funding from the government to support over 4,500 clients with a range of disabilities to build up their skills through education/training and access the workplace over the next two years. Our main focus is providing specialist employment & training services for Deaf, hard of hearing and tinnitus communities in Northern Ireland.

AdaptNI team have two profoundly deaf (two BSL users and one have level 2 ISL qualification) and two hearing staff who are deaf and tinnitus Aware with in-dept experiences supporting our Northern Ireland communities. Our aim is to ensure change not only happens but is maintained throughout a career journey and to remove barriers that d/Deaf, hard of hearing and tinnitus people are facing.

We offer 1-1 support, supporting to create CV, personal statements, cover letters, interview prep, trainings and liaising with employers to ensure that the barriers are removed from their workplace.

If you need support to create CV, trainings, volunteering or finding a job, please contact us by emailing to or join on our Facebook page AdaptNI.

Thank you.

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