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"Wish to Work" AdaptNI SkillSET NI training has launched!!

The AdaptNI team delivered Week 1 of the SkillSET Employability Programme on Wednesday 31st January. The training will last 4 weeks and will cover all areas of employability and skills, with an accredited training course as part of the final session.

Week 1 looked at Deaf Role Models and ideas for work and importantly, where to start.

The team were extremely grateful to the Punk Chef and Jamie Clark, Deaf professionals and Deaf Role Models who shared their stories and encouragement with the participants on the training.

Week 2 will cover further areas of employability and applying for roles

If you, or someone you know, is Deaf, has hearing loss or Tinnitus, and would benefit from pre or in work support. Contact the team to find out about Specialist Employment Support

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